El Búfalo Blanco

I play piano. I try to make it sound like the universe dying.

More music, by me.

It’s Batman day. Celebrate accordingly. #batman #batmanday #75years


Jonathan Sparrow (b. 1988, Bromsgrove, UK) - 1: Rainbow Mountain, 2013  2: The Bridge, 2013  3: Gold Mountain, 2013        Collage Cut + Paste, Paper

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Worst drinking game idea ever:

Turn on “It Might Get Loud” and every time you wish it was just 98 minutes of Jimmy Page and his record collection, drink.

That time of year again. #happybirthdaymrsolo
#Vertigo #Hitchcock
El Búfalo Blanco - Peacock Feathers

New music. It’s called “Peacock Feathers.”


rich kids with rich thoughts


rich kids with rich thoughts

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